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Audiopunks - The Great British Spring

User Manual

The GBS is a 2-channel true stereo spring reverb from the 80s, faithfully emulated and augmented into a versatile plugin by the Audiopunks team.

The plugin's features

Reverb tanks

Dry/Wet Mix

Reverb EQ

Reverb time

Pre-delay of the reverb (ms)

General information

The GBS Plug-in is a straightforward reverb emulation of an esoteric spring reverb made by Bandive and features a pair of Accutronics spring tanks housed in a length of black plastic drainpipe, showcasing its unconventional yet functional design for longer reverb times.

With two sets of triple spring units, this device offers longer springs compared to conventional systems, resulting in powerful and rich reverb effects.

We’ve augmented the GBS plugin with features such as pre-delay, reverb time and filters for more flexibility.