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Audiopunks Telefunken Echomixer

User Manual

This meticulously crafted plugin takes this unique spring reverb to new heights by emulating a modified version of the original 1960 hardware unit with the unique ability to daisy chain the three channels of this germanium mixer.

The plugin's features

Input level control

Output level control

Enable/Disable Channel A

Channel A is the clean version of the Echomixer preamp
Channel B is the original modeled version of the preamp

Channel C is a fuzzier version of the Echomixer preamp

Reverb mix
Reverb character: germanium distortion 

Enable/Disable/Daisy chain the B channel

Enable/Disable/Daisy chain the C channel

Delay the reverb signal

Monofy or widen the stereo image of the reverb.

Spring Tanks selector
Adjust the reverb time (Spring lenght)

Global Tone EQ

Global mix knob


Calibration: A good indicator to know if you’re not going in too hot is the orange LED. It should be flashing and reacting to the audio signal, not continuously lit. An optimal level range to get the most headroom is between -18 to -22 dbfs.

Activate at least one of the three channels to enable the mixer stage. For a richer more saturated sounds, daisy chain channels for unique tones. Note that this unit is source-dependent; proper gain staging and adjustment of the Gain IN knob significantly impact the sound. 

Experiment with each channel independently alongside the Gain IN knob. Solo and listen to individual channels using Shift+click.

full wet reverbdisable all channels and set the reverb amount slider to maximum.

The signal flow